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VISA to France
Long Term

Please note that effective 20 November 2017  the documents for Short/Long Term Visa of spouses of French Nationals will be accepted directly at the Embassy of France upon prior scheduled appointment  (via call-centre).

You can also submit your documents for these visa categories at France Visa Application Centre without prior scheduled appointment from 08:30 till 15:30 (Monday-Friday, except holidays) but then you will pay a service fee charge.

Please note that effective 19 December 2016 documents for below mentioned Long Stay visa categories will be accepted at France Visa Application Centre: Visa Au-Pair, Visa for Scientists and their relatives, Visa for Visit, Visa for Ancestry (in charge and not in charge of French citizen).

Please note that effective 2 January 2015 the documents for below mentioned Long Stay visa categories will be accepted at France Visa Application Centre: Student visa, Long Term Employment visa (<90 days), Minor Children of Spouses of French Nationals, Family Reunion.

If you are planning a longer stay in France (more than 90 days), you need to apply for a long term visa. The long term visas (except mentioned above) are handled by the Embassy of France in Kyiv. Applications for some categories of Long Term visas have to be submitted directly at the Embassy upon prior scheduled appointment.

On these pages you will find information about Long Term visas to France.

Please click here to get the information about the list of translators/interpreters accredited by the Embassy of France in Ukraine.


Step 1
Prepare your application and supporting documents: Go to ‘All about your visas’ link on this website and find out details related to the visa category you want to apply for – here, you can find the applicable fee, documents required, Visa application form and more.

Step 2
Book an appointment to visit Visa Application Centre: To visit Visa Application Centre you need to Schedule Appointment. You can book an appointment online or by calling the Call Centre. Details provided on this website to schedule an appointment.

Step 3
Submit your application: Visit Visa Application Centre as per appointment scheduled and submit your completed Visa Application Forms along with required supporting documents.

Step 4
Pay applicable Fee: Submission Officer will advise you on total payable amount and guide you to the bank cashier where you need to pay in local currency (Hryvnia). Receipt will be provided for all payments made at the Centre.